Click the date to see the events happening in the Monero Village. We have a number of talks scheduled this year at Grayhat. The time zone is Central Daylight Time (CDT), UTC-5:00.


Blockchain (and Monero) for Scrubs

Diego "rehrar" Salazar

Diego introduces the audience to the fundamentals of blockchain, and then makes a case for Monero within that context. By the end, the audience will come away with a better understand of how blockchain functions, it's strengths and weaknesses, and why privacy on an open ledger is important.


The Incognito DEX


Elena, a business developer at Incognito, presents about the Incognito project and their main product - a private, decentralized exchange. She will explain how the Incognito DEX works and what technologies they used to provide privacy. She will show their main achievements since the launch and answer some frequently asked questions.


The Impact of Adoption on Price and Transaction Fees in Monero – Models and Scenarios

Dr. Francisco "ArticMine" Cabañas

Monero uses an adaptive block weight based upon the CryptoNote excess size penalty, with a penalty free block weight, a short term median over the last 100 blocks, and a long term median over the last 100,000 blocks. This allows Monero to scale by providing the capacity for increases and decreases in the number of transactions. This leads to a very deterministic transaction fee structure, with a trade-off between the rate of growth of the block weight and the transaction fees paid. We will consider various models and scenarios for the impact of adoption on the price and the transaction fees of Monero in terms of inflation adjusted United States Dollars.


Monero Que?


Where Monero comes from, what it is, how's different, what's good for, and what its future looks like for the spanish-speaking crowd. / De dónde viene Monero, qué es, cómo es diferente, para qué es útil, y como luce su futuro, para los hispanohablantes.


Sound Money

Dr. Daniel Kim

Dr. Daniel Kim presents what Monero is and why it is important to the world.


It's up to us (the value of privacy)

Diego "rehrar" Salazar

Diego walks the audience through practical reasons for privacy in our everday life. This talk will not delve into conspiracy or sensationalism, but will rather focus on the beneficial power of privacy for the individual, business, and society.


Cake Wallet Chat

Vik Sharma and Diego "rehrar" Salazar

Diego has a conversation with the creator of Cake Wallet, Vik Sharma about his app, the history, the future, and how it became such a staple in the ecosystem.


Contactless Electronics: Using electronic devices with contactless data

Michael Schloh von Bennewitz

Some electronics produced by Monero Devices include radio interfaces allowing for contactless data exchange. In this hour, we examine the technology powering contactless interfaces such as RFID and NFC. We review the SEKit, Intervillage Badge, and HCPP Badge, as well as generally examining software interfaces.


From Zero to Firo: From Zerocoin to Lelantus

Reuben Yap

Reuben goes through Zcoin's history from pioneering the Zerocoin protocol to Lelantus. A wild journey from getting hacked through a cryptographic flaw, backstabbed by doing responsible disclosures to reviving an old zero knowledge proof on a quest to remove trusted setup. And being constantly confused with Zcash.


In Which the Mining Girl Talks About Mining

Kristy Leigh-Minehan

In this token mining talk, that mining girl, a.k.a OhGodAGirl, covers the latest trends in cryptocurrency mining in the CPU, GPU, FPGA and ASIC industry, as well as how COVID-19, the CLEAN Network and other trends may impact the mining scene.


Namecoin as a Decentralized Alternative to Certificate Authorities for TLS

Jeremy Rand

Centralized certificate authorities pose an imminent censorship, wiretap, and impersonation threat to the TLS ecosystem (upon which HTTPS traffic relies). Namecoin (the first fork of Bitcoin, which implements a DNS-like naming system) offers a real solution that doesn't just shuffle the set of trusted third parties. This talk will cover how we repurposed various little-known, often-undocumented features to get Namecoin TLS to work with unmodified, real-world TLS implementations such as Chromium and Firefox, while minimizing attack surface and on-chain data size.


The collision of theory and practice for privacy adoption

Justin 'sgp' Ehrenhofer

Open, permissionless networks should have privacy. It's critical that privacy is implemented well, not only achievable in an experiment.


Herding Cats: A Look Into How Monero Is Moderated


Who makes the rules in an environment with a heavy focus on decentralization? What does it mean to 'moderate' a cryptocurrency? How do we deal with bad actors as a community? Needmoney90 answers these questions and more in his talk.


Samourai Wallet Talk


The Samourai Wallet developer (sorry, he's anonymous) is going to talk about Samourai Wallet with us.

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